Company profile
Hamacher develops and produces in Herten, Germany and in Tychy, Poland.

Hamacher specializes in the development, manufacture and servicing of electrical and electronic equipment and units, especially for use in working areas at risk of explosion in mining and tunnel construction.

Range of products

1. Lights (especially lights to cover large areas), spotlights and flashing lights
2. Communication and control units
3. Switching equipment / compact stations (especially those to supply shearer loaders, coal cutters, tunneling machines, loading and drilling trucks, conveyors, breakers, fan and filter units, etc.)
4. Protection and control modules
5. Connection and linking technology
6. Accessories

Hamacher supplies both solutions to problems in the form of complex systems from one source (everything from lights to switching equipment to connecting and linking technology) as well as suitable products to fit in with existing customer-specific units.

This capability is based on three elements:

1. Decades of experience in mining in Germany, Poland and Russia, as well as in other countries as well,
2. Research and development to the state of the art in science and technology in close collaboration with users, regulatory authorities and suppliers,
3. Guaranteeing that it meets the most stringent quality requirements through a comprehensive quality management system complying with certification to DIN ISO 9001 and Directive 94/9/EG (ATEX 100).

In addition to development and production, Hamacher does of course take care of all the necessary approvals and certification, both German and international.
The Hamacher service section can guarantee to be able to provide help quickly, to provide spare parts and spare modules, and to give assistance during installation to ensure trouble-free production on site for the customer.

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